Successful bullet points – Amazon’s rules

In addition to all this tips on content, structure, length of bullet points, you can’t forget about Amazon’s rules.

If you violate Amazon’s guidelines when creating your bullet points, all the tricks and tricks may come to nothing.

Your listing may be blocked, or your account may in extreme cases be totally suspended.

What should you look out for?

Read on or watch our video.

Tip #6 Follow Amazon’s rules

Increase the readability of your text, but don’t do it by using capital letters

According to Amazon’s rules, a capital letter should only be used at the beginning of a word. This rule applies to the title, bullet points and product description.

Additionally, HTML code or characters that are not on the standard keyboard are not supported.

Amazon does not recommend the use of any formatting.

The use of abbreviations and punctuation are also inadvisable.

On Amazon, you may encounter many deviations from these rules. However, remember – your listing, your account, your risk.

As a vendor you have 5 bullet points available, as a vendor 10 bullet points.

The character limit for the individual bullet points is not strictly defined. It varies depending on the category, from 100 to 700 characters.

However, as we mentioned before – it is best to use 150 to 200 characters.

Do you know of any other Amazon’s rules worth paying attention to when creating bullet points? Write to us!

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