How to create converting bullet points on Amazon?

Another tip on how to create converting bullet points on Amazon.

If you thought bullet points were one of the many fields on a product form that doesn’t really matter and you can just paste in some text from the description, you were wrong.

It’s one of the key elements of a listing that determines whether or not it will be displayed on a search engine results page, and one that has a key impact on the buying decision.

You’d better do your best and create the best possible bullet points.

Not sure how?

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Tip #4 Focus on the ‘big’ benefits

Imagine that the bullet points are actually bullets, and you only have 5 of them in the magazine.

In order to convince the customer to buy, each one has to hit straight on target and get stuck in the customer’s mind.

For this to happen, it has to address an issue that is relevant to him or her.

Based on customer and competitor research, you should be able to define these key 5 benefits. In a previous post, we showed how to do that.

Once you have identified these benefits, name them accordingly.

Present them a slightly exaggerated way, relate them to more general, “big” features, such as quality, reliability, ergonomics or applicability.

Make them big. They then have greater impact.

Remember to describe them separately in each bullet point, rather than mixing them together. This increases their power of expression and helps to focus them.

If these benefits aim to persuade, they must build customer trust. To do so, they must be professionally presented, using the right words.

Avoid pompous statements, marketing slogans

Don’t add information about the company, brand, delivery, price, promotion or others. Bullet points should only be about the product.

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