Emphasise your product’s uniqueness with bullet points and convince customers

Do you think your listings are polished and effective in attracting customers? Emphasise your product’s uniqueness using bullet points on Amazon!

This small portion of text has a big impact on the purchase of a product. It is often the first and last text about a product that a customer reads.

Make sure your listings are good enough and convince customers to buy!

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Tip #5 Emphasise uniqueness

You can do this by comparison. To emphasise your product’s uniqueness, a reference point such as the competition is useful.

If your product is far superior to the competition in something, you can mention it, but without directly naming the competitors.

If your jacket is much more rain resistant you can write “stay dry in all conditions – even a downpour won’t drench your jacket. It uses a fabric with a water resistance of 15,000 mm, almost 2 times that of competing products.”

When praising a product, it is useful to write about what situations it will work in, what problems it will solve, but also what problems it will not solve.

“Lightweight and comfortable backpack, ideal for small luggage. Not recommended for carrying more than 5 kg.”

This kind of honesty can be appreciated by the customer, it will help to inspire trust and at the same time it will avoid misguided purchases and dissatisfied customers.

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