How to remove image background in the eBay app?

Are you preparing product photos yourself and wondering how to remove the image background?

There are many ways to do this – graphics programs, online applications, mobile apps.

The eBay mobile app also helps.

Now you can add a listing and edit the product image at the same time.

Read on or watch our video!

Remove background in the eBay app

Add an item

Click on the plus icon to add a photo

eBay mobile app - listing summary view

Select an image and click Upload.

eBay mobile app - images uploading

By default, eBay will offer you to remove the background of the photo and add it as the main image.

eBay mobile app - remove main image background

If you want to remove the background for the other images, just klick them.

Click the icon in the bottom bar

eBay mobile app - remove background of additional images

Crop your photo and click Continue

eBay mobile app - crop an image

Click Apply

remove image background with eBay mobile app

Click Done


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