Amazon main product picture rules – image ratio & background

Another batch of tips on how to create the perfect main product picture on Amazon and grab the customer’s attention.

#3 Ratio

Amazon guidelines do not define the ratio of the main product picture, but the most commonly recommended is 1:1.

This ensures that the product image is correctly displayed regardless of site (product page, search results, external search engines) and display (desktop or mobile devices).

#4 Background

For this, it is clearly stated that the background of the main product photo on Amazon should be snow white – RGB (255, 255, 255).

You can find examples on Amazon of using a different background and using additional graphics that are not allowed.

However, if you do not want to risk hiding your product in the search results or even blocking your account if you repeatedly break the rules, it is better to use a plain white background.


These requirements have a clear explanation and are not made up out of thin air.

Meeting them guarantees a consistent presentation of the products on the results page and the products page on Amazon. This allows the user to easily and quickly navigate the site and search for interesting products.

Maintaining the image ratio and size ensures that your product is clearly visible regardless of screen size. The user can comfortably explore the product, no matter whether on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The use of a white background makes it possible to clearly present the product – its elements, true colours. For the user, this is beneficial because a white background makes the presentation neutral – the product is stripped of any additional emotion. Nothing distracts the customer’s attention from the product.


You can find out more about the impact of a white background on product presentation in a separate post.

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