New Eselt feature – remove photo background automatically

Graphic of new Eselt feature background removal

From now on you can effortlessly, fully automatically remove the photo background of your product.

It is worth using this feature, because a uniform white background positively affects the perception of the product and is often required by marketplaces such as Amazon.

How do I automatically remove the photo background?

After navigating to the products tab, select your product.

Then go to the photos tab and click on the button “new feature – remove and edit image background”.

Add photos.

Once you have uploaded your photos, the image background will automatically be removed. Then simply crop the photo and you are done.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the automatic removal of the photo background you can always use a lasso. You can use it to select the whole product again or add or remove background elements.

See the video on how to automatically remove the photo background from on Eselt.

The advantages of automatic background removal

  • you can remove the background for multiple photos at once.
  • you do not need any knowledge of graphics programs
  • you save time because the processing of your photos is simple and fast
  • you give your products a more professional look
  • you have everything in one place – photos, descriptions and other elements of your offer

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