Alternate product images on Amazon – how to show benefits

Alternate product images are an excellent way to present the product benefits on Amazon. 

The main photo attracts attention, the alternate photos convince customers of the product benefits and finally make them buy.

You have 9 alternate pictures – use them to highlight the benefits in the best possible way.

Tip 1 Show the product use

Instead of adding photos that describe the product parameters, e.g. that the baby stroller is light and handy, show the mother carrying it in one hand.

This is much more expressive, stimulates the imagination, and allows the customer to picture himself or herself in a certain situation while using your product.

Use the language of benefits, but in pictures.


Tip 2 Use icons

Some important product features and benefits can be communicated more quickly and easily with icons.

This is beneficial for both the user and the seller.

If the symbol is clear and easy to understand, it saves the user time.

For the retailer, on the other hand, it saves space (a pictogram instead of text) and presents more product features in the image.


However, it is worth remembering not to overdo the icons.

Firstly, don’t overload your photo.

Give a maximum of 3-4 icons per photo. If you give too many, none will catch the eye and your product will look like a Christmas tree.

Also, remember that your photo can be viewed on a mobile device, on a smaller screen. If there are too many icons and they are too small, they will be unreadable to the customer.

Secondly, remember to use icons that the user will understand. They are there to make the user easily understand what you mean, not to take a long time decoding what you mean.

Use icons only if they easily explain the benefit. You can always explain more complex product advantages in the product description or in bullet points.

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