Want to increase CTR on Amazon? Make your product stand out!

Trying everything but still can’t increase your product’s CTR on Amazon?

No idea why? Try improving your main photo.

This is one of the main factors that determines whether a customer will choose your product over many others in the search results.

One way to increase the CTR (clickt-through-rate) of your product is to stand out from the competition with your main photo.

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Tip #2 Make your product stand out!

Let’s do a simple test.

Which product did you pay attention to? Which one stands out?

Source: Amazon.com

There are many ways to stand out in a crowd of other products.

To do this, you should type in the search bar the term you think a user is typing in to find your product.

When the results page comes up, see how your competitors present the product.

Perhaps there is a standard for your category that most sellers use.

It could be a different shot angle (e.g. from the front instead of the side), a presentation without accessories that are an integral part of the product, or, for example, a different colour variant (e.g. red instead of the most popular black).

Caution – read this

When fighting for customer attention and clicks, it is worth exercising restraint.

If we overdo the creativity, it can be counterproductive.

Although the customer will pay attention to us, he or she will find our presentation unprofessional, untrustworthy and will give up looking at the product.

Source: Amazon.com

As in the case of this razor, which resembles a sea monster emerging from the water.

For some categories, Amazon strictly defines how to present the product. This is the case, for example, with shoes, which must be presented singly, with only the left shoe turned to the left at an angle between 35 and 55 degrees.

You have to follow these rules, otherwise you may risk being blocked from listing or your entire account.

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