eBay sales template – how to apply to multiple products

Would you like to learn how to apply an eBay sales template to multiple products at once? Watch the short video or read the instructions below.

1. Log in to your Eselt account.

2. Go to Products.

3. Click on the Import from eBay button.

4. Select your products and click Import.

5. Go to Products.

6. Choose an imported product.

7. Select an eBay template.

8. Edit the description and fill in any missing fields, if necessary.

9. Go to template settings.

10. Add your logo and slogan, and enter your username.

ebay sales templae editing on eselt

11. Go back to Products, select them, and click “Send to eBay.”

sending of ebay sales template to ebay

12. Done!

export of products to ebay

list of products on eselt with active ebay sales template

ebay sales template example on ebay

This way, you can easily and quickly add your eBay sales template to multiple products.

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