eBay marketing 2022: best tips | Part 1

Online business is very dynamic.

The environment is rapidly evolving with new trends, new technologies, new products, new markets and new competitors.

To navigate this fast-changing reality and break through with your offer, you have to use many methods.

Whether you sell screws, clothes or toys, the competition never sleeps and is constantly growing. Everyone is trying to figure out how to cut a bigger slice of the pie.

Marketplaces like eBay are also evolving and offering new ways to promote products.

How can you advertise on eBay? What should you pay attention to? Which marketing tools should you use? What changes are there in eBay marketing 2022? Learn more!

Title of the offer

Despite these dynamics, some things remain the same. First and foremost, you should take care of your offer.

Start with the listing title, because that’s what both the buyer and the search algorithm look at first.

eBay title of the offer

Optimise it for the eBay search engine, this will increase the chance for a good place in the results.

You can see that even the experienced sellers often make mistakes. Follow the principle that the keyword should be at the beginning of the title.

Avoid special characters or call-outs in the first place because buyers do not type special characters or call-outs in the search.

If anything, always learn from the best, so don’t be shy and see how your competitors do it.

If possible, try to find synonyms of the keywords and pay attention to spelling. Many customers know immediately what they want to buy, so mention the manufacturer or brand in the title.

Think like your future customer. What would you enter in the search to quickly find the goods you want? Think about what search terms your customer would use.

You have 80 characters at your disposal, use them well.


A subtitle is an additional option you can use on eBay.

It is available to both private and commercial sellers.

What does a subtitle do? It gives you the opportunity to tell potential buyers more about your item.

You have 55 characters to summarise a subtitle, which will be visible in the search results.

The subtitle is a chargeable option that you must calculate yourself and decide whether it is worthwhile.

Listing items in two categories

Many sellers know the problem. An item fits into more than one category.

We are talking about clothing, for example, where an item can be placed in more than one category. eBay makes it possible to select more than one.

This also has some advantages for the seller, namely the range of buyers is larger and the sales commission remains the same. Unfortunately, the fees for the additional options and the listing fee double, which is a small disadvantage.

Product images

High-quality and convincing product images have an enormous impact on potential customers.

The photos should show the product from all angles and in as much detail as possible. There are several strategies of taking photos, depending on the product.

However, one should keep in mind certain rules of thumb each time.

eBay images

You can further highlight your product by using Gallery Plus.

As a result, your product images will be displayed larger in the search results – when you hover over an image, it will be enlarged to 400 pixels instead of the usual 96 pixels.

In addition, if you have more photos in the product gallery, the user can already see them in the search results.

This is an option that costs extra. Learn more about eBay-fees.

This option can be particularly useful in the clothing and accessories category, where the visual aspect of the product is the main focus.

In addition, Gallery Plus works differently in this one category – it offers the possibility to see a quick overview of an offer in the search results.

After clicking on the preview image, an additional window opens with large photos and the most important information about the offer.

eBay marketing 2022 - gallery plus

Article description

A meaningful description of the item is of great importance because it describes the key features and gives you a chance to convince the customer.

Besides product images and eBay templates, the description is a third component of a professional auction. What should you look for when writing a description?

Consider the following tips when writing:

  • Describe the item in detail. Ideally, it should be a mix of features and benefits
  • Use simple, descriptive language because too much technical talk can bore customers
  • Name the manufacturer and the brand
  • Avoid false information
  • Give accurate information about what comes with the product and how to return it

Ebay Templates

The good idea is definitely to introduce professional eBay templates. People buy with their eyes, so a good eBay auction template has great value as a eBay marketing 2022 tool. Give yourself some time to find an appropriate template that will correspond well with your offer. What makes a good eBay template? Here are the features to look for:

  • optimised for mobile devices
  • easy and intuitive editing
  • no active content (plug-ins, Flash)
  • simple and professional design
eBay marketing 2022 - templates

Great price tag

You may know the Great Price label in the search results? Unfortunately, this option cannot be booked.

This tag is applied by eBay’s algorithms to high-demand listings that stand out for their excellent price-quality ratio.

If you want your listing to stand out from the rest with this sign, you need to remember this:

  • Offers with service status Above Standard or Top Rated sellers will be given more consideration
  • An attractive price of the product compared to the same or similar eBay listings is an advantage
  • Relevance of the item – measured by the frequency of searches for the item within a given time period
  • Clear product data and features – the offer must be compared with relevant competing products
  • Information on shipping costs
  • The offer format chosen (fixed price or auction, etc.)

Rank at the top

Have you ever wondered what factors determine which products get the best results?

The eBay algorithm takes many factors into account, for example the quality of the listing (pictures, description), the completeness of the listing and the match between the keywords in the listing and the user’s query.

Then there is the price of the item, how in demand it is, return policy and handling time, and your track record as a seller.

If you already take care of the above elements of your offer, you will make a good step towards the top position in the search results.

eBay marketing 2022 – Part 2

Did you like this article? Do you find the tips useful? Stay tuned, we’ll bring you more eBay marketing 2022 tips soon.