Why are bullet points on Amazon so important?

Wondering, why are bullet points on Amazon so important?

Because they are one of the key elements of your listing that have a significant impact on two stages of the buying process on Amazon.

First, they affect whether your listing will show up in search results at all. This has to do with the Amazon’s algorithm.

Then, once the customer has already clicked on your product and entered its page, they are tasked with convincing him or her to buy your product.

Therefore, you should do everything possible to create the best possible bullet points.

Where does their importance come from?

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Impact on display in the SERP (search engine results page)

The Amazon’s algorithm determines from the information in your listing whether it matches the search term entered by the customer in the search engine.

It analyses specific text elements of your listing to decide whether to display you at all on the results page. It takes into account, among other things, the listing title, backend keywords and just… bullet points.

When creating these, you should be mindful of letting Amazon know what your product is by including relevant keywords.

Impact on the purchasing decision

If you create an eye-catching title and main image, the customer will click on your product in the search results.

Once on the product page, at the very top of the page, he or she will find the most important listing elements. Among these are the bullet points.

On both PCs and mobiles, they appear just below the image, title, price and product details.

It is this location that determines their strength.

After the title, bullet points are one of the most important text elements in the listing on Amazon.

This is the first more comprehensive text about the product that the customer comes across, so you can’t mess it up. 

If you don’t convince him or her at this stage, there is unlikely to be any chance of reading further into the A+ content or product description.

Of course, in some cases, customers read all the information in the listing. How much time they will spend reading, familiarising with the product, depends on the buyer, the type of product, its complexity, price and other factors.

However, you can assume that most of them stop at the bullet points.

The customer has the opportunity to get acquainted with the title, the main photo and the price at the search results stage.

Once the product is clicked on, he or she has the opportunity to see the alternative photos and the very bullet points need to convince him or her why your product is the right one.

The description can be a useful addition to the product information, but what should knock the customer down and convince him or her to buy should be in the bullet points.

Of course, user feedback is also hugely important, but it’s not something you can influence, at least directly.

You can look after the customers, answer all their messages and questions, try to avoid disappointing them with the product, but still ultimately they will write what they feel like and you can’t forbid them from doing so.

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