Which image is more appealing? Make Amazon experiments!

You can play around with different versions of the main photo, but you won’t be sure which one attracts customers better until you do experiments on Amazon!

This is a very useful feature because it easily resolves the sellers’ dilemma of which main photo to choose for a product.

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Tip #3 Make an experiment

Experiments is a new feature available on Seller Central under the brands tab.

The requirement to start an experiment is to have your own brand registered on Amazon.

Once you have one and have active products that meet Amazon’s requirements to start an experiment, you can launch it.

Other types of experiments are also available – for the product title and for A+ content.

Source: Amazon.com

Once you have added two versions of the main image and started the experiment, Amazon alternately shuffles which version of the main image to display in the search results.

Source: Amazon.com

After 10 weeks of the experiment, you can compare the results that version A and version B of the image achieved. You can then decide which photo to use based on these.

Source: Amazon.com

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