The structure of successful bullet points – convince the customer and increase sales!

An appropriate fixed structure is one of the key elements of successful bullet points.

If you use bullet points of the right length (150 – 200 characters) and use the appropriate arguments in them (benefits instead of product features), it is also worth bearing in mind their structure.

What should it look like?

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Tip #3 Keep a consistent structure

Use a consistent format for your bullet points.

Using it for all your bullet points will increase their readability for the customer.

The human eye likes regularity and if each bullet point is structured the same way, the customer will quickly and effortlessly read the information it contains.

The structure could look like this:

[Benefit headline] – [elaboration on the benefit], [information on the attribute from which the benefit is derived]

The bullet point should start with a catchy headline – people are used to reading only the first few words. If you make the headline interesting, they may read on.

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