How to turn on ads in the eBay mobile app?

Selling on eBay is a big chance – with this platform you have access to 175 million customers. At the same time, it is a big challenge – you have to compete with thousands of sellers from all over the world.

To stand out and break through among them you can use advertising on eBay.

Even if you are a small seller and have a small range. You can easily do this using the app.

Want to know how to turn on ads in the eBay mobile app?

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Turn on ads in the eBay app

Once you’ve added your listing details, scroll down to the ‘Sell it faster’ section.

To enable the promoted listings standard, your listing cannot be an auction – only a “buy it now” listing.

Once you have turned them on, you can set an advertising rate – specified in percentage.

eBay itself suggests this rate to you,- calculated on the basis of available data – to ensure a balance between performance and cost.


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