Grab customer attention – Amazon main product image rules

Today we’re going to look at the main product image on Amazon!

What size should the main image be on Amazon? Should it have a white background? What ratio should it have? What should this picture look like?

Amazon is quite clear on this topic.

#1 Size

The optimal size for the main photo on Amazon is 1600 pixels on the long side. Then the quality is adequate and you can zoom in on the product using the zoom function.

If you are not able to create an image of this size, then 100 pixels is the minimum size at which the zoom function works. 500 pixels is the minimum size for a picture to be accepted by Amazon at all.

#2 Product share

The product’s main photo on Amazon should only show the product, and it should take up a minimum of 85% of the photo.

There is always a temptation to spend less space on the product and add additional information – accessories, packaging, an important feature, a variant.

This may stem from the mistaken impression that the main product photo is your only chance to tell the user everything about the product. That once he or she hits your product in the search results you have to give him all the information in this photo.

This is not true. The main picture is supposed to be an invitation to get to know the product, an introduction. Therefore, it needs to be legible, high quality and clearly show what you are selling. If you get the user interested in it, he or she will then click on the product and get to know the product better thanks to the description and alternative images, about which more shortly.

Therefore, only show the product itself in the main photo and let it fill the available space as much as possible.


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