eBay and Amazon product image requirements 2022

Do your listings meet the current eBay and Amazon product image requirements for 2022?

If you are not sure, you should read this article quickly.

Improperly created images can have a negative impact on your sales, and failure to comply with eBay and Amazon requirements can have serious consequences.

In extreme cases, this can result in your account being suspended and deleted.

Don’t take the risk, don’t wait, read the article!

eBay product image requirements 2022

Product images on eBay must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum photo size on the long side is 500 px
  • No frames allowed
  • No text, logos, pictograms or other graphics added to your image
  • Stock photos as the main photo for used products are prohibited, except for products in the books, movies, music and video games categories

Amazon product image requirements 2022

Amazon is much more precise in its requirements for product images:

  • The product must take up at least 85% of the image area
  • The longer side of the photo must be at least 500 px long, or 1000 px long if you want to activate the zoom function
  • The file format must be .jpeg, .png, .gif or .tif
  • Your photos must not be blurred, pixelated or have jagged edges
  • They must not contain nudity or be sexually explicit
  • Pictures of tights, underwear, swimwear for babies and children must not be shown on models
  • They must not contain any logos or trademarks of the Amazon Group or anything resembling them

In addition, there are requirements for main product images:

  • The product must be presented on a pure white background (RGB 255, 255, 255)
  • They must represent the actual product, not a graphic, illustration or dummy photo
  • They must not contain any additional accessories or elements that are not part of the product and could mislead the user
  • They cannot contain text, frames, logos or additional graphics
  • They must only show a main view of the product
  • The entire product must be shown in the photo
  • The product must be shown without packaging, the packaging should not be visible unless it is an integral part of the product
  • Models cannot be sitting, kneeling or leaning
  • Pictures of apparel in multi-packs should be taken flat and without the model
  • Clothing accessories must be presented on mannequins
  • Mannequins on which clothing accessories are presented should not be visible
  • Images of footwear must show a single shoe pointing to the left at a 45 degree angle

White background

One of the most important elements of an image that affects the perception of a product is its background. Whether you are selling on eBay or Amazon, we recommend that you always use a white background for your products.

This is because a white background makes the buying process much easier for buyers.

It increases the readability of your offers already at the search results stage – it is easier and faster for users to select an interesting offer from the tangle if the product is clearly visible on a solid white background.

It also helps users to familiarise themselves with the product in detail, as nothing distracts their attention. As a result, users make better purchasing decisions, which increases their satisfaction and reduces the number of returns.

In addition, the white colour is associated with cleanliness, freshness and newness, and these associations carry over to the product itself, which is especially beneficial for used products.

You think it’s impossible to quickly erase a photo background and get a snow-white background for your product photos? Do you lack the right equipment, lighting, skills, time and software? Nothing could be further from the truth!

With our automatic background remover, you can easily remove the background from your product images.

Sign up for a free account and see how quick and simple it is to remove image backgrounds.


Are you surprised by the number of eBay and Amazon product image requirements? It’s better to follow them and rely on your listings to rise in the rankings.

There is no reason to rebel against these imposed rules because the marketplaces know what they are doing. These requirements for product images on eBay and Amazon are driven by the desire to provide the best shopping experience for the users. If marketplaces want to support sales, have the experience and know how to do it, why argue with them.

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